Meet Our Projects

"Service Above Self" is the official Rotary International motto...  

and somewhere in the world there is a project happening that needs you.

Some folks today don't believe that service to others is still a part of people's lives.  For some, finding time or the courage to engage in community or international service can feel overwhelming.  For others, they do not know where to find service opportunities or how to begin.


Rotary is over 1.2 million members strong.  That is 1.2 million passions.  That is 1.2 million talents and ideas.  Hundreds of thousands of Rotary projects have been created and implemented in the last 115 years.  

Compared to most Rotary clubs,

we are a small club in membership

numbers.  No matter. 


What we lack in numbers,

we make up in heart.

We call it being "Small But Mighty."

Check out the "Meet Our Projects" 

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at a few of ours.

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